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Die Klein Akker Squatter Camp

Klein Akker Squatter Camp is situated in Wallacedene near Kraaifontein in South Africa where over 300 people live from all different races, and culture's.

More than 300 people, including pensioners, women and children have been living on Klein Akker Farm in Wallacedene near Kraaifontein for nearly two decades now.

They have been living in Tin Roof Shacks on open piece of land with no running water, no toilets and no electricity.

PENG Coin has been donating bottled water and baby clothing to the people at Klein Akker Squatter Camp.

The squatter has been evicted from the Klein Akker Farm and been stripped of their dignity, their shacks has been broken down and left to sleep on the street.

PENG Coin is striving to make these peoples lives better and you can help by donating to their cause.

Let's take hands and help get these people of the dangerous streets.

Donate PENG to this adress: PATc38ScgEedpBRPecsbu4rWCchGzLikRQ

Donate BTC to this adress: 19mdVpQVGWz9Y8N5hE5VN52xokZ8ueX3SK

About donation: Please note that 20% of every BTC donation will be put aside for project expenses, programs and management. If you want your whole donation to go to your selected charity, please donate PENG instead. 100% of PENG donation goes to the charity