PENG Coin is a cryptocurrency that aims to make charitable transactions more sustainable and cost-effective. By utilizing the safety, decentralization and convenience that blockchain infrastructure provides, PENG Coin ensures donations go directly to the actual causes rather than through middlemen. This is a far more efficient way of handling donations ensuring the donations end up with the correct party and reduces the chance of donations getting “lost”. PENG Coin integrates features from several other cryptocurrencies, as it is built on PIVX, DASH & DigiByte source code to provide a built-in governance system, a masternode network, low-to-zero costs and fast block times. PENG Coin incentivizes the network through a sustainable Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm with sensible block rewards. PENG uses blockchain technology as a means for financial giving to enable rapid, low-to-zero cost, cross-border donations to relief organizations. This suite of cryptocurrency technologies is utilized to deliver a unique coin tailored for safety, generosity, and fast transactions. By using code and features from some of the most innovative cryptocurrencies — PIVX, DigiByte, Dash — PENG provides a modern means to charitable giving.